Top 5 Best Exercise Cycle Price List These Are Best For Weight Loss

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Exercise is one of the most common and important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. Cycling is one of the important aerobic and relatively easy form of exercise to stay fit. Now these all things like cycling and biking exercises can be done easily in at home.

Now  Exercise cycle or bikes are very much popular because of various features, especially for the people who are health conscious.

But if you want to select the best exercise cycle in India, it is quite difficult. Now we will help you, We have also listed here best selling exercise cycle price list.

Go through best exercise cycle reviews. You can buy these exercise cycle online from Amazon.

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Personal Recommendation

Cockatoo CXB-04 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike with Manual Tension, Exercise Bike

Price: Rs. 15,000 – 18,000

List of Top 5 Best Exercise Cycle Price List In India

Exercise cycle for weight loss and other health benefits is the best. Now, it is being quite easy to buy the best products online because of comparison and reviews. You can find out the most suitable best exercise cycle in India from the list below. It is mentioned below the exercise cycle price list. You can compare these exercise cycle online.

#1 Leeway Air Bike Exercise Cycle | 01 Review

Price: Rs. 12,000 – 13,500


It comes second in the exercise cycle price list.

  • This Leeway Air Bike Exercise Cycle will give you the best gym results at home by toning your arms and legs
  • The resistance system of this product is manual and is fitted in its belt-brake resistance system
  • The power of the product is 1.5 Volt x
  • The maximum user weight is up to 125 kg
  • This product has a tension knob which adjusts the strength of the workout
  • Supportive and comfortable saddle
  • Through this product, you can perform a smooth and full cardiovascular workout.
  • This product has an electronic meter that displays the distance, time, calories burnt and also the speed.
  • It is absolutely easy to assemble. 


  • Best for beginners
  • Sturdy and compact


  • Takes time to assemble

#2 Lifeline Air Fitness Exercise Cycle | 02 Review

Price: Rs. 8,000 – 10,000


  • Has to be self-assembled, through an instruction manual has been provided with the product
  • This product has a 5 window monitor display
  • The resistance system of this cycle is of manual control
  • This product can bear a user’s weight of up to 100 kg
  • The frame of the cycle is sturdily built.
  • The seat of this product is adjustable too

Pros –

  • Strong and durable
  • Comfortable exercising bike

Cons –

  • Comes partially assembled

#3 Reach Orbitrek/Orbitrack Exercise Cycle and Cross Trainer | 03 Review

Price: Rs. 8,000 – 10,000


  • This product is a cycle and also a cross trainer, i.e. it is a 2 in 1 product
  • The maximum user weight for this product is 100 kg
  • This product is based on the belt drive mechanism
  • This cycle has 8 resistance levels
  • The handle, cushioned seats, and anti-slip pedals are all adjustable
  • The built-in LCD helps you track time, distance, speed, and calories burnt
  • Comes with one year warranty

Pros –

  • One year warranty
  • Durable, portable and of high quality
  • Easy to move

Cons –

  • The distance between the handle and seat is not good enough

#4 Cockatoo CXB-04 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike with Manual Tension, Exercise Bike | 04 Review

Price: Rs. 15,000 – 18,000

Description :

  • Comes with 8 levels of manual tension which can be adjusted
  • Is foldable and hence, quite compact
  • A flywheel of 1.4 kg is available with the product and has a two-way bearing
  • Has 3 PCS of crank, 5.5” display
  • Can take up user weight of up to 110 kg
  • It displays results of speed, time, distance, calories burnt ODO and pulse

Pros –

  • Compact
  • Smart calculator
  • Simple and easy to assemble

Cons –

  • Minimum height of the seat is high

#5 Lifeline Exercise Cycle 102 for Weight Loss at Home Review | 05 Review

Price: Rs. 8,000 – 10,000


It comes fifth in the exercise cycle price list.

  • This Lifeline Exercise cycle is the 5th best exercise cycle in India.
  • The LifeLine exercise cycle is a non-motorized machine for home use.It is highly portable in Nature
  • It shows time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan with Electronic meter.
  • This cycle is used for strength adjustment with a manual tension knob. It has adjustable-reach arms with padded grips.
  • You can generally adjust the seat and the handle position.It is the best Exercise cycle for weight loss.
  • Its Maximum Weight Capacity is 100 Kgs.

Pros –

  • The durable design promotes longevity of the air bike
  • A comfortable saddle

Cons –

  • Little bit pricey
  • Installation is difficult

How To Use An Exercise Bike Effectively

  • The exercise cycle will make you feel happier
  • This is the best way for weight loss.
  • It is basically good for your muscles and bones
  • The cycle may increase your energy levels
  • It will reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • This will help your skin to keep health
  • The exercise cycle will keep your brain and memory health.
  • It can help you with relaxation and sleep quality
  • The exercise cycle will reduce pain

Buying Guide Of Exercise Cycle For Weight Loss:-

  1. Features
    You have to decide which features are important to you like a water bottle holder or book rest, or more interactive ones like video games.
  2. Display
    You should look for a clear display with easy-to-use controls. It should show some combination of your heart rate, calories burned, speed, revolutions per minute, and resistance levels, and details such as time and distance.
  3. Programming
    Programs which will allow you to adjust routines based on your fitness level and having heart-rate-controlled workouts which consider your age, weight, and gender.
  4. Heart-Rate Monitor
    Those cycle which comes with a chest strap is the best. They will not impede your movement. Contact monitors will measure your heart rate only when you will touch them, which will be inconvenient.
  5. Resistance
    You should go for those which is easy to adjust and has a variety of workout levels. Most of the exercise bikes have electronic resistance control. All of them can be adjusted electronically by using the controls.
  6. Safety
    You should always go for an exercise bike which is locked and out of children’s reach

Health benefits of Exercise Bike Workouts

Conclusion: Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

We have done a thorough review of the exercise cycle from all the popular and leading brands in India and we have listed only here thebest exercise cycle

We have compared each of the above exercise cycles against various features such as exercise cycle price list, standard features available.

Exercise cycles have many advantages that make them worth buying. I hope our best exercise cycle in India reviews will surely help you to select the best one.

You can also compare these best exercise cycle online. Hope, our exercise cycle price list helped you. These were the exercise cycle for weight loss that is really beneficial. You can also read exercise cycle benefits.

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